The Environmental and Sustainability Management Accounting Network – Asia Pacific (EMAN-AP) is a globally recognized organization established on the 27th September 2001 by professionals and academics working towards the development and promotion of Environmental and Sustainability Management Accounting in the Asia-Pacific region.

EMAN-AP is closely linked with the EMAN Global network, and offers the latest information about environmental and sustainability management accounting.

EMAN Mission

The mission of EMAN-AP is to contribute to the goals of sustainable development by building a network of individuals and organizations in the Asia Pacific region, broadly defined, who are committed and competent to help business, governments, and other organizations to contribute towards informed decision-making through the development and application of environmental and sustainability management accounting concepts and tools. EMAN-AP also endeavors to develop and spread knowledge, skills and policies about EMA in the region

The steering committee of EMAN Asia Pacific (EMAN-AP) is a group of academics and professional experts in the area of environmental, social and sustainability management accounting and sustainability management who are responsible for general policy, procedures, and related matters affecting EMAN in Asia-Pacific as a whole. The EMAN-AP Steering Committee deals with agenda including.

  • Discussion and selection of organizers and locations for the annual EMAN-AP conferences
  • Contributions to the editing of EMAN books and other EMAN publications
  • Management of the network information, including the EMAN-AP homepage
  • Exchange of information about sustainability accounting and sustainability management developments
  • Representation of EMAN-AP at EMAN global conferences
  • Representation of EMAN and sustainability accounting and sustainability management at international
  • Further development of the network Questions regarding EMAN-AP can be directed at each country conferences other than EMAN conferences chapter representative steering committee member.
General committee structure Steering Committee Structure (Chair: Ki-Hoon Lee) Sub-committee (1): International coordination and collaboration

This sub-committee aims to extend our membership and enhance our international network through EMAN annual conferences, international workshop, and any international event collaborations.

Activities: Previous, current, and future conference hosts & organizers meet and work together to share their experiences and exchange ideas to support our future events series. Main activities will include EMAN-AP annual conference and any related activities. Any future host & organizers are always welcome to contact and discuss with us..

Sub-committee (2): Research collaboration & Steering committee members

This sub-committee aims to enhance our research network and capabilities through international research collaborations including joint-project funding applications, joint-project development, joint-publications, and any related activities.

Activities: In order to develop efficient and effective international research collaboration, we agree to appoint national chapter representative from our committee member countries. With our each member chapter, any international research institutions and/or partners are welcome to develop and collaborate for international research projects and joint-publications. The following chapter representatives in EMAN-AP committee member countries are agreed to take the roles of the representative.

Steering committee members Roger Burritt, Macquarie University, Australia John Sands, University of Southern Queensland, Australia Lanita Winata, Griffith Business School, Griffith University, Australia Jong-Dae Kim, Inha University, Korea Wei Qian, University of South Australia Business School, Australia Noriyasu Kunori, Sagami Women's University, Japana Nuwan Gunarathne, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka Musa Budidarma, University of Klabat, Indonesia Ki-Hoon Lee, Chairman, Griffith Business School, Griffith University, Australia